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Fringe benefit solutions for benefit brokers & consultants

Offer your clients a customizable benefits solution that will delight their employees with benefits they can use. As a vendorless platform, Compt provides your clients with complete personalization based on their business goals and employees' preferences.

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Fringe benefits have become a vital tool in how companies attract, engage, and retain employees.

As these types of benefits have risen in popularity, so too has the stress and time spent on customizing and manually managing benefits that address both the needs of the company and its employees. 

Compt provides a solution for all of this and more.

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What is Compt? 

Compt is an employee perks management software that helps    companies- large and small - build and streamline perk stipends that offer customized perks for employees while being flexible and scalable for HR. 

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How Does Compt Work? 

With Compt, your clients can choose from 17 perk categories that make the most sense for their employees, so their people can get the most personalized perks experience on the market.

Unlike other solutions in the market, Compt can administer both taxed and untaxed benefits, while ensuring 100 percent tax compliance with federal tax code integration built into the platform.


Benefits of Partnering with Compt

Tired of the never-ending vendor demo calls to find the right match for your clients? Compt makes it easy for you and your clients by providing customized materials to meet their workforce needs and goals.

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We're your clients' easy button when it comes to fringe benefits. Implementation can take as little as 30-minutes, and the same goes for on-going administration.

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Differentiate yourself from other brokers and consultants with a cost-effective, tax-compliant perk management solution for your clients that can scale with them as they grow.

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Offer your clients a solution that their people will use, with an average monthly engagement rate of 90%+. 

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At Compt, answering your clients' questions is our top priority. Our dedicated onshore support team responds rapidly with typical resolution in less than 24 hours.


Top Reasons Companies Choose Compt

Compt is the ideal perk stipend solution that: 

  • Is an all-in-one perk management software.
  • Works seamlessly for all of your employees - regardless of whether they are at HQ, fully remote, or working in another country.
  • Has a unique vendorless approach so that employees can choose exactly what they want when they want it. No more vendor-specific perks.
  • Ensures IRS compliance without any extra effort from you.
  • API integrations with tools your clients already use: Slack, Google, and Okta. And data integrations with major payroll providers like TriNet, ADP, Gusto, Ultimate Software, Zenefits, and more. 
  • No per-user fees with simple fixed price plans that adjust with clients’ needs as they scale up or down. 
  • Eliminates the administrative burden of having to manually track and report employee usage for accounting and finance departments. 

See how we stack up against other perks software solutions in our Guide to Comparing Perk Software.


What our Customers & Their Employees are Saying

There is no shortage of expense reimbursement platforms out there; these tools are a dime a dozen. However, there wasn’t a tool that specifically said, 'Corporate perks aren’t as simple as reimbursing employees; there’s more to think about.

Mark Volpe, CFO
Mark Volpe
CFO and Compt Customer

Compt lets us say “yes” to the varied requests we get for perks by putting the choice in the individual team members’ court.

Heather Doshay
Heather Doshay
VP of People, Webflow

This perk has allowed me to spend time with the people I care about. Because of this perk, I was able to expense a flight home to surprise my mom for her birthday. That's priceless.

Jared Littlejohn
Jared Littlejohn
Solutions Associate, Midaxo                                      Employee User 

Ready to See the Power of Compt?

Learn more about Compt and the many benefits it can provide for your clients and their employees. 

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