Compt is built to support remote, inclusive, and global teams

Companies turn to Compt to replace or consolidate existing perks, to give employees more perks without spending a fortune, and to significantly reduce the effort of managing perks. As a result, their programs get 90% employee engagement.

Create a stipend

Manage employee stipends for any team set up

If you can dream it, Compt can do it. Remote or hybrid, US or international, focused on family, wellness, development, or any other of our 22 total categories, Compt gives you all the options for out-of-the-box and custom stipends.

perk stipend employee experience

Give bonuses for real-time recognition and reward

Points systems and experiences are great, but are they really what your employees look forward to after a job well done?

Compt helps you give your people what they want - funds to spend on what's meaningful to them.

perk engagement rates

Get tax-compliance and international support

We don't just make employees happy, HR and finance teams love us too. Compt is the only perks stipend software on the market that's both IRS-compliant and able to support your international teams (we're in 14 countries already!).


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There is no shortage of expense reimbursement platforms out there; these tools are a dime a dozen. However, there wasn’t a tool that specifically said, 'Corporate perks aren’t as simple as reimbursing employees; there’s more to think about.

Marc Volpe

CFO, formerly Quantopian

Compt lets us say “yes” to the varied requests we get for perks, by putting the choice in the individual team member's court.

Heather Doshay

VP of People, Webflow


See how we help our customers reach 90% employee engagement

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