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hr guide to total compensation

The Comprehensive Guide to Total Compensation

Understand the difference between compensation and salary, offer competitive compensation packages, and learn how to conduct a compensation analysis.

fringe benefits hr guide

Definitive Guide to Fringe Benefits

What exactly are fringe benefits, and how can they be used to help keep your best staff around?

employee wellbeing guide

What is Employee Wellbeing:

A Definitive Guide

Tips for a successful employee wellbeing program and mistakes to avoid.

what are lifestyle spending accounts

Lifestyle Spending Accounts:

A Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about lifestyle spending accounts (LSA’s), their tax implications, and how they apply to remote employees.

perk stipends ebook

Lifestyle Spending Account Ebook

Lifestyle spending accounts, or perk stipends, are extremely popular. In this ebook, you'll get everything you need to understand if they're right for your company.

comparing perk software

Perk Software Buying Guide

There are a lot of options on the market, this downloadable resource highlights the most important buying criteria to consider.

perks performance report card

Perks Performance Analysis Tool

Use these comprehensive lists to develop the perfect perk program that your team will absolutely love.


Downloadable Whitepapers, Ebooks, Guides & Checklists

woman sitting at table

The Ultimate Guide to Personalizing Your Employee Experience

Improve your employee recruiting, engagement, attrition, and happiness numbers by introducing personalization.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

The Ultimate Guide to Perk Stipends

Create an all-in-one perk program so your employees can get what they need most. They're flexible and scalable.

Checklist: Reallocating Perks for Remote & Hybrid Work

This checklist is designed to help you update your office-centric perks into a program that supports your remote employee experience.

white printer paper beside silver laptop computer

List of Employee Perks & Vendors

Use these comprehensive lists to develop the perfect perk program that your team will absolutely love.

woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on bed using macbook

Guide: Remote Work Stipends

Remote work is here to stay.  Learn the best strategies to support your people in a scalable and sustainable way.

health & wellness stipend woman running

Guide: Health & Wellness Stipends

From gym membership to meditation apps, running shoes or massages, support every employee’s journey to health.

bookshelf learning and development stipend

Guide: Learning & Development Stipends

Give your team the tools for success no matter where they’re at in their careers.

Equipment stipends

Guide: Equipment Stipends

A database of company culture initiatives to be inspired by. Use the filtering options below to create your next perfect company or team.


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