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Employee perks for your small or medium-size business

You work hard to grow and scale your business. Keep your company's greatest asset - your employees - delighted with perks that will help your company attract, engage and retain a happy and engaged workforce. 


In the United States alone, there are 33.2 million small businesses* employing 61.7 million people -  about half of the United State’s total workforce. Making up that are employees of varying ages, cultures, lifestyles, and locations. 

For the HR teams working with these small businesses, attracting and retaining top talent is just one of the many challenges they face. Competing with larger organizations, who most often provide larger salaries and comprehensive benefit plans, can make it nearly impossible.  Plus, deciding upon which benefits will appeal to prospective and current employees is also no small feat. 

  • How can you provide your employees with meaningful benefits that will keep them happy and supported? 
  • How can your company stand out amongst other employers' benefits and perks programs? 
  • How can you track the engagement and use of the benefits you provide to ensure your employees are not only being offered something they can use, but are also motivated to use them? 

Meet Compt, the all-in-one perk management solution that helps companies create and manage employee perks programs based solely on the unique needs of the company and its employees. 

*Small business defined as 250-750 employees. Statistics updated with data from Census and SBA, 2022.

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What is Compt? 

Compt is an employee perks management software that helps companies - large and small - build and streamline perk stipends that offer customized perks for employees while being flexible and scalable for HR. 

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How does Compt work? 

Whether you’re just getting started offering perks, already have some in place, or are looking for a better approach for you and your people, we can help.

Central to the Compt software is perk stipends. A perk stipend is a sum of money given to employees dedicated to perks. These perks might include such things as a wellness benefit perk, or a learning and development perk. 

The variety of perk categories available within the Compt software makes the possibilities endless for both the employer and employee. 

Plus, unlike other perks software solutions in the market, with Compt companies can offer perks that are both taxed and untaxed. 

Learn more about perk stipends in our Ultimate Guide to Perk Stipends.

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Increase efficiency with personalized perks. 

Instead of managing every perk and vendor individually, create a customizable program that is easy to use, scale and manage. 

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Offer perks for everyone.

Compt helps you support everyone equally, whether they're a single city-dweller or married in the suburbs. 

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Align perks to your company's culture and values. 

Make your perks strategic by aligning them with your company's mission, values, and goals. 

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Gain a competitive advantage

Companies who use Compt have greater employee engagement with perks. 

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Recession-proof perks that scale up or down

With your employees purchasing their perks, the process is the same whether your have 10 employees or 1,000. 

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Ensure a 100% tax compliance

Ensure full tax compliance with your perks so you and your CFO can rest easy. 


Why Companies turn to Compt

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Provide all perks through Compt

Skip the vendor recruitment and management process altogether. Compt can help you setup and manage an entirely personalized perk program that aligns with your business goals and employee needs. 

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To consolidate existing perks

 Get rid of the manual payroll reimbursement process where employees aren't engaged with the process. With Compt, your investment and support is more visible and employees are actively engaged. 

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As an add-on for supplemental perks

The ability to offer every perk in the market through different vendors is impossible. With Compt, you can achieve 100% perks personalization by adding a supplemental perk stipend to your existing program, such as a remote work or wellbeing stipend. 


What our Customers and Employee Users are Saying

There is no shortage of expense reimbursement platforms out there; these tools are a dime a dozen. However, there wasn’t a tool that specifically said, 'Corporate perks aren’t as simple as reimbursing employees; there’s more to think about.

Mark Volpe, CFO
Mark Volpe
CFO and Compt Customer

Compt lets us say “yes” to the varied requests we get for perks by putting the choice in the individual team members’ court.

Heather Doshay
Heather Doshay
VP of People, Webflow

This perk has allowed me to spend time with the people I care about. Because of this perk, I was able to expense a flight home to surprise my mom for her birthday. That's priceless.

Jared Littlejohn
Jared Littlejohn
Solutions Associate, Midaxo                                      Employee User 

Get your Employee Perks Program Set-up and Running in Three Easy Steps

Compt also provides you with real-time data and insights about employee perk usage and overall engagement, making it easy for your clients to identify trends and adjust their perks program as needed. 

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1. Program Design

You choose the perk categories you want to offer (e.g., health & wellness, remote work, food, or a combination), time-frame, and spending amount.

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2. Invite Your People

Invite your team to start using their perks. Our software empowers your people to easily access all of their information, eliminating the volume of questions HR receives regarding balances or qualifying expenses.  

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3. Perk Reimbursement

Compt makes it easy for employees to simply upload a photo of their perk receipt as they spend, and with just two clicks, you can download a monthly report for payroll.


We integrate with your existing tools


Ready to See how Employee Perk Stipends Through Compt Can Help Your Company?

Employee perks are becoming a staple of companies’ strategic approach to attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent.  The one-size-fits-all benefit solutions  that constrain users to a specific vendor are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Not to mention the laborious and manual administrative processes to manage them. 

Speak with a Compt team member today to discuss your company's goals and challenges with perks, and to see if perk stipends can help you achieve greater success. 

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