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Learn the reasons why companies choose Compt to support their people & the remarkable success they experience as a result.


Case studies of our customers' success

There's a reason our administrator-NPS score is regularly 80+.

heather doshay

Webflow uses Compt to seamlessly provide comprehensive benefits to their global team

Nextdoor's People Team uses Compt to offer perks with global reach and to broaden their employees' options for wellness

marc volpe

CFO, Marc Volpe, used Compt to offer more perks, improve culture, & effortlessly ensure 100% IRS tax compliance

Fictiv uses Compt to provide personalized perks to their globally distributed workforce that is exciting, relevant, and customizable

ButterflyMX chose Compt to manage a custom wellness perk stipend program they call the “Self-Care Stipend”


Three situations companies switch to Compt

transition existing perk stipends

1. Transition over existing perk stipends

Stop dropping cash into employees' checks. With Compt, your investment is more visible & employees more proactive.

add on supplemental

2. Add additional perks as needed

Support your already-awesome program with a perk stipend so that employees can pick what they want which means everyone has something they love, with less effort and money from HR.

all perks through Compt

3. Offer all perks without managing any vendors

Skip individual vendor management altogether, and go straight to an entirely individualized perk program that fits any budget. 


Compt delivers personalized solutions designed to help you create a customized employee experience.


Business advantages of using Compt


Offer perks your employees want

Remove uncertainty around what perks to offer your employees, and increase utilization rate.

Administrative burden icon

Remove the administrative burden

Decrease the countless hours spent by HR managing and servicing employee perks.

remote worker icon

Support remote employees and/or satellite offices

Extend your company's culture and benefits to employees regardless of where they live.

diversity icon

Attract & accommodate a diverse base of employees

Show every employee you care by letting your employees choose the perks that are most meaningful to them.

company values icon

Align perks with company values

Differentiate your organization, develop your employer brand, and shape behavior around what matters most.

tax compliance icon

Ensure 100% tax compliance with your perks

Ensure your perks are properly accounted for with the new tax code so your CFO can sleep comfortably at night.


Compt helps you create the perfect perk program based on the needs of your company and its people.

Lifestyle Spending Account

In the example to the left, Sam's company has allocated $100 per month to her and other employees to spend in the following perk categories: continuous learning, health & wellness, and food.

This month, Sam purchased books, a gym membership, paid for a lunch with her team, and still has $20 remaining.

How would you spend $100 this month?


Offer perks that people want.

Commonly associated challenges:

  • Whether a company has 10, 100, or 1,000 employees, they all want or need something different.
  • Employees' preferences and needs change regularly; keeping up with perks is impossible.
  • Impossible to satisfy everyone with a limited budget.

How Compt helps: Transform your perks program by offering a customized Lifestyle Spending Account to individual employees.

  • Lifestyle Spending Accounts for employees offer 100% personalization of perks, ensuring everyone gets what they want and need.
  • Offer more perks with less at scale: instead of picking one or two new perks for your team, offer them all.
  • Offer complete customization without the added complexity.

Reduce the administrative burden of vendor management.

Commonly associated challenges:

  • HR spends valuable time on picking, purchasing, managing, and servicing individual perks.
  • Employees frequently ask, and HR frequently answers, questions around what perks the company has, how to redeem, and takes requests for future offerings.
  • Time spent by both HR and employees which is better spent on higher-priority tasks.

How Compt helps: Supplement, or completely recreate, perks program to offer a customized Lifestyle Spending Account to individual employees.

  • Simplify, streamline, and scale perk management by bringing perks into one central software.
  • Improve perk adoption by decreasing friction with communication and redemption.
  • Manage perks through Compt in just 30 minutes a month.

Supporting remote employees and/or satellite offices.

Commonly associated challenges:

  • Remote employees cannot enjoy perks offered on-site.
  • Remote employees don’t feel part of the culture and community at work.
  • Lacking tangible way to motivate your remote employees/satellite offices.

How Compt helps: Support your remote employees by creating Lifestyle Spending Accounts that allow them to choose the perks that are most meaningful to them.

  • Lifestyle spending accounts for employees offers 100% personalization of perks, ensuring your remote employees get what they want and need.
  • Allow your remote base to feel connected to your company culture and values.
  • Offer flexibility and personalization without complexity.

Align perks with company mission and goals.

Commonly associated challenges:

  • Perks are added reactively based on employee needs, instead of proactively and strategically to add value to the entire organization.
  • Reactively added perks often result in feeling random and ubiquitous. 

How Compt helps: 

  • Since Lifestyle Spending Accounts include categories for spending, they easily align with a company's mission, vision, values, or goals.
  • Companies can finally purposefully develop how perks align with their culture.

Ensure 100% tax compliance

Commonly associated challenges: 

  • Correctly categorizing for fringe benefits in term of the tax environment.
  • Ensuring your perks are properly accounted for with the new tax code.

How Compt helps: Supplement or completely recreate a perks program to offer a customized Lifestyle Spending Account to individual employees.

  • Automatically categorize which perk categories are taxable/non-taxable.
  • Tax compliance becomes easier, and CFOs and finance teams can rest easy knowing that all the data is there in case the IRS audits them.
  • Easily create payroll reports that allow you to gather user data.

Are you getting the most out of your perks program? 

We've got you covered. We're here to talk through your company's current goals and challenges with perks to help your HR department achieve greater success.

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